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Do you have recurrent back or neck pain that is affecting your life? Are you unsure where to go to get relief?

At Caring Touch Pain Relief Center, building trusting relationships with our patients is the essence of our practice.

Are you looking for a chiropractor who will make a real difference in your health? Do you want to feel better now, and also know that your future health is being considered?

Drs. Kirk & Valerie McVay have worked for over 25 years treating their patients as whole people, not just a symptom or a problem to be fixed. We work with our patients both as chiropractors and as health coaches. We have helped countless people improve not just their back or neck pain, but their entire quality of life.

At Caring Touch Pain Relief Center we believe that trust is the key ingredient in any relationship, and that building solid relationships can make a genuine difference in the lives of our patients. We have seen the difference that time and attention can make in the health of our patients, and we’re excited to offer our services to you.

Our office is dedicated to supporting better health to everyone who walks in our door, and the entire Cooper City community where we live. We know that lasting change can happen, which is why we focus on the needs of our patients above all else.

Open communication allows the doctor-patient relationship to grow and flourish. Creating strong relationships allows us to work with you to help your painful symptoms disappear, and assist you in developing a plan for the continual improvement of your health. We want our patients to feel comfortable with us, so that we can be a valuable health partner to them.

With chiropractic care and other all-natural, non-invasive treatments we help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. We combine the very best of hands-on techniques with the newest technologies to provide balanced and effective treatments of injuries and long lasting support of your overall health.

While our doctors embrace new technology when and if it is appropriate for the patient, we do not allow technology to get in the way. Technological advancements in patient care can be great. However, the one-on-one it takes to truly know and adequately treat a patient is still done the old fashioned way at Caring Touch Pain Relief Center.

If you are having health concerns, back pain or just want to find out more about natural pain relief and the exciting all-natural treatments we offer to improve your health at Caring Touch Pain Relief, contact our office today.

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Learn About the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pain Treatment. Consumer Reports Ranks Chiropractic as the First Choice for Back Pain.

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